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Dear reader, welcome to my website !

It will be 40 years since I have been working in the field of cryptography in 2012. I’ve been at the head of “ANCORT” company for more than 20 years. Many state and commercial organizations in the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation and in more than 50 countries have been equipped with cryptographic devices, designed under my direction. I’ve visited more than 87 countries. Is it too many or not too many? Probably, not too many, because each country produced amazing and unforgettable impression on me. It was really interesting.

Many achievements of my company in the field of cryptography are unique. You can read more about them in “The history of Ancort company” in Publications. Some photos of  “Ancort” cryptographic equipment are published in the Gallery.

I wanted to show my readers the world through the eyes of a cryptographer, that’s why I started to publish my articles and stories on and

I’m fond of reading works by Alexander Pushkin.  Once I came across an interesting letter, addressed to his wife Natalia: «I haven’t written to you, because swinishness of the postal service froze me, so that I wasn’t able to take a pen. A thought, that someone could eavesdrop us, makes me a la lettre mad. It is possible to live without political freedom, but it’s impossible  to live without the inviolability of the family (inviolabilite de la famille). Hard labor is much better. I haven’t written it to you. (XV, 154)»

Benjamin Franklin, a prominent politician and the founder of the United States of America, said: «Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one».

Two great men – a poet and a politician, who lived nearly two centuries ago on different continents, - thought the same about Freedom!

Freedom and Democracy is much talked about in the contemporary information world. But not too much is spoken about information slavery. Can a state be free, if its citizens are informational slaves? That was the danger Alexander Pushkin and Benjamin Franklin wanted to warn us about. People can build a Free state, only if each citizen has full freedom of information. Otherwise people will be controlled not only by state services, acting according to the laws of their countries, but also by criminals. They are equipped with effective and powerful technical means, which are not worse than those of secret services. If each person gets real, but not declared, reliable protection of his personal information, he will be able to build a Free state!

I am fond of learning history, when I have free time. Many problems of modern life become more clear, if certain historical events are examined thoroughly. To my great regret, many historical problems were deliberately forged in order to please some politicians. Not without reason that Alexander Pushkin wrote: "Never entrust History and policy to professionals. They are selling their work for money".

A great Chinese philosopher Confucius wrote nearly 1500 years ago: «People are deprived of personal freedom if their words lose meaning.» In the XXI century – the age of information  –  Confucius’s profound idea acquires special significance. Maximum effort should be made not to let people become slaves of information. Informational slavery is more dangerous, than physical slavery, because it deprives people of the possibility to dream of freedom.

God created a Man and awarded him with a gift to keep his thoughts secret from other people. Human words are derived from human thoughts. We protect words and thus we act the way God wants us to.


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